We can design or modify any tour for your group. 

Bicycle Adventours

All terrain bicycles and helmets are provided for you during your tour.

Kayak Adventours

"It's not just a tour, it's an adventour"

​Sightseeing Tours-

golf cart* rides and guided walks.

*We do not provide Golf Carts. Bring a rental or your own cart with room for a tour guide.

  • Quarry History Tour - 2 hours  $22 Learn the history of island limestone quarrying as well as some natural history while enjoying some spectacular views on this tour.  Tour includes a golf cart ride to the quarries with 2-3 guided walks (10-15 mins.) and a stop at the glacial grooves. Not rigorous
  • Winery Ruins Tour - 2 hours  $22  Learn the history of wine making on the island while viewing old ruins, and the original homes with wine cellars, and a stop at the current winery. No hiking required, tour is given from the golf cart. 
  • Island Treasure Nature Tour -3 hours  $32  Nature at it's finest on Kelleys Island. Tour includes golf cart ride to the State Parks, and other Island Preserves, with 15-20 min guided walks at each stop. Focus of tour is natural history, and ecology of island. 
  • Hiking Tours 2-3 hours $25/hour groups  Love to hike? We can take you hiking for hours through the amazing parks on the Island without getting lost. Learn the natural history and see the beauty of the parks on foot with a tour guide to let you know what your looking at. This tour can be molded to fit the needs of the group and is available all seasons, including winter. 

*Children under 12 are 1/2 price with adults. Large family and group rates available.

Guidelines for all tour participants:


Be Prepared. Appropriate clothing and shoes are required for participants in our "adventours". Layering is best. Allow for temperature changes, especially if your tour involves water, or the possibility of getting wet. 

Swimsuits, boat shoes, towels and change of clothes for paddlers are ideal. Evening tours and golf cart tours can be chilly.

Make sure to bring or apply sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, etc. All participants should have water; and handy snacks are a great idea to bring along. Or depending on your tour time, at least make sure you have eaten adequately before hand. No alcohol or drugs permitted, participants must not be intoxicated.

Safety gear is provided and mandatory. All participants stay together in our guided tours and must agree to follow the safety regulations, equipment guidelines, boating regulations, and local laws. Those taking a golf cart tour must be licensed drivers with insurance, and provide your own cart for the tour. Island Adventours offers no liability for golf cart accidents or injuries.

Bring your phone or camera but make sure it is protected. Professional photos can be purchased if arranged ahead of time.

Bring money for beverages or souvenirs if your tour includes stops to include this sort of establishment.

**Also tour guides appreciate tips. 

  • Island Treasures Tour: 2-3 hours  $42-62  Tour the island parks and preserves by kayak. See the most pristine areas, learn about the natural history of the island. Multiple stops mild to moderately rigorous. 2 hour is $42, 3 hours $62
  • Sunset Tour: 1.5 hours $42 Leisurely one way paddle from the State Park to West bay. Return ride provided. Amazing views. 
  • ​Individualized / Group Tours- call for quotes​We can accommodate groups of 6-8 people at one time.

*Children under 12 are 1/2 price with adults. Large family and group rates available.

 *"Islanders" are 50% off.

  • Quarry Quest Off Road bike Tour-  2 hours $22 An exhilarating off road bike tour of 3 different quarries Learn some history and experience an awesome ride with amazing views. Moderately rigorous / challenging.
  • Winery Ruins bicycle Tour- 2 hours $22 An interesting history tour of the island to the winery ruins, and former wineries on bicycles. Includes multiple stops and a stop at the winery.​ Mildly rigorous.
  • Island Treasure hike/bike- 2 hours  $22 Visit the diverse ecosystems of the Island while visiting multiple Parks and Preserves by bicycle. Involves street riding between the parks and short hikes at each Preserve.

*​​Children under 12 are 1/2 price with adults. Large family and group rates available.

"Islanders" are 50% off.